Velkomen til Atløy

Viser arkivet for desember, 2015

Besøk i juleferien, nyttårsferien? To our local supporters. Frå UWC:

Brev frå rektor på UWC til lokale støttespelarar:
(Norsk samandrag nedanfor.)

Dear Host Family / local supporter,

As you know each year, the College puts together a Winter Break Programme for 25 students who are unable to go home due to financial reasons or political instability in their home countries.

It is very important to us that we put together a programme which is stimulating and supportive – and compensates for the fact that they are unable to return to their families as the other students do after a busy and challenging term at UWC. This year, we have planned a programme after the end of term – from the 9th to 23rd December – which includes a visit to Oslo and Lillehammer and a stay at the Red Cross Cabin at Langeland.

The students will be based on campus from the 23rd December to 11th January (when term resumes). I appreciate that this is Les meir…